James H. Groves Adult High School

James H. Groves Adult High School is a state approved adult secondary school designed to provide adults and out-of-school youth with an opportunity to complete a high school education and earn a State of Delaware High School Diploma. The school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Delaware State Board of Education requires a minimum of 24 credits for graduation. Credits can include 4.5 as electives and 19.5 required credits prescribed as:

  • English 4 credits
  • Social Studies 3 credits
  • Mathematics 4 credits
  • Science 3 credits
  • Foreign Language 2 credits
  • Health .5 credits
  • Career Pathway 3 credits
  • Electives 4.5 credits

Previously earned high school credits can be evaluated for transfer credit and will be applied toward graduation requirements.  Students without previous credits are able to complete all graduation requirements through the Groves program.

Counselors will assist you at registration and will evaluate your educational history to determine credit needs and proper placement. Please provide an official high school transcript to expedite your registration.

The only cost for the program is your time and a $40.00 per semester (NON-REFUNDABLE) materials fee.

You and your child may be eligible for enrollment in our FREE Family Literacy program where parents and children learn together. For more information, contact Stephanie Wagner at stephanie.wagner@polytech.k12.de.us.

Are you in danger of not graduating with your class? James H. Groves Adult High School In-School Credit classes provide flexibility for students who need additional required courses for graduation. Classes are scheduled to provide flexibility for students who:

  • Need additional required courses for graduation.
  • Need to work for financial reasons
  • Have family obligations and responsibilities.
  • Function better in smaller classes

Students must be at least 16 years old and meet minimum admission requirements in order to enroll. High School students interested in this program should contact their guidance counselor, call the POLYTECH Adult Education office at 302-697-4545, or complete an Orientation Reservation.

  1. Click here to apply for an upcoming orientation and assessment session. If you are enrolling in James H. Groves Adult High School classes, you will need to provide an official transcript of all high school credits earned to date. Prospective students ages 16-17 must also provide a letter of recommendation from their previous school.
    • School year office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM -9:00 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM unless otherwise noted, and are in effect September through May.
    • Summer office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and are in effect from June through August.
  1. Attend an orientation and assessment session.  Orientation and assessment is completed in 2 separate sessions, each lasting approximately 2-3 hours.  All students are required to attend both sessions in order to enroll in classes.
  2. Meet with a counselor to enroll in classes and establish your graduation plan.  Students are required to pay a $40 non-refundable supply fee in order to enroll in high school diploma classes.

Classes are available at the Polytech main campus in Woodside, Delaware as follows:

  • Monday/Wednesday mornings, 8:30 AM-12:15 PM
  • Tuesday/Thursday mornings, 8:30 AM-12:15 PM
  • Monday/Wednesday evenings, 5:30 PM-9:15 PM
  • Tuesday/Thursday evenings 5:30 PM-9:15 PM

Credits can be earned through any of the following methods:

  • James H. Groves Classes
  • Certificate of Educational Attainment 3 (CEA3)
  • Employment or training experience
  • Technical courses
  • Military training
  • Higher education courses
  • High School courses previously completed
  • Community service

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