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Electrical & Electronic Systems

Electrical & Electronic Systems

The Electrical and Electronic Systems program prepares students to work in residential and light commercial electrical and electronic systems settings. Students are given the knowledge and skills required to enter these rapidly advancing career fields and provided with an option to continue their training in either Electrical Construction or Electronic Systems Technician upon completion and receive credit for completion of one year of apprenticeship related technical instruction. 

Required Courses
Electrical & Electronic Systems

 Electrical and Electronic Systems is a one semester accelerated program that prepares students to work as an apprentice electrician or electronic systems technician. Participants will be provided with extensive hands-on shop opportunities and will gain the technical skills needed to begin a successful career in the construction industry. The program allows participants to earn one year of related technical instruction (RTI) in the Electrical and Electronic Systems Technician Registered Apprenticeship programs and provides work-based learning opportunities to all participants prior to completion.

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