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Masonry Construction

Masonry Construction

The Masonry Construction program prepares participants to build or repair structures like fireplaces, floors, and walls that are made of brick, concrete blocks or other types of masonry. Individuals who complete the apprenticeship program, which consists of three years of related training and 6,000 hours of on-the-job training, are eligible to earn a Journeyperson credential through the Delaware Department of Labor. 

Required Courses
Building Construction Core (Masonry)

The Building Construction class will prepare you to work in the building construction industry and is the first step toward a career in the construction trades. This course is a prerequisite for enrolling in any of the building construction related apprenticeship courses, unless you have had construction related employment in the past three years and can pass the BCC bypass exam. Students who complete this course will receive job placement assistance. 

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Masonry I

This course continues to build upon what students learned in Building Construction Core and satisfies the related training requirement for the Masonry Construction Registered Apprenticeship program. Participants learn about the masonry industry, safety, tools & equipment, measurement, drawings, and specification, mortar, and masonry unit instillation. 

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Masonry II

This course prepares participants to work with residential plans and construction drawings and convert that information into action on the job. It covers the organization and format of plans, dimensioning and scaling, and estimating materials quantities from information on the plans.

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Masonry III

This course is the final course in the three-year masonry program. The course teaches students how to work safely and efficiently on elevated structures, how to maintain a safe work environment, ensure they are protected from falls, how to brace walls from outside forces, and how to identify common types of elevated walls. The course will stress safety around equipment such as cranes and hoists.

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Program Details
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  • Additional fees: Registration and Book(s) $450
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