Driver’s Education

Program Information

About Driver’s Education

This is a State of Delaware Department of Education approved driver’s education course. It consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction as well as 14 hours of separately scheduled driving instruction and observation.

The driver education instructor is a State of Delaware certified teacher. The in-car instruction is given in a dual-control car that is equipped with a brake pedal on the passenger side for the instructor’s use, as well as active and supplemental restraint systems, extra rear view mirrors and other safety devices. Adequate insurance coverage is carried for the Driver Education car and all people who operate and ride in it.

In the 30 classroom hours of instruction students will learn much of what is needed to know about drivers, automobiles and the highway transportation system. Students will also learn pro-active driving strategies. During the in-car instruction the student will learn and must demonstrate good car control, good judgment, sound pro-active driving techniques, and a good attitude.

  • Students must be enrolled in the 10th grade during the current school year to register for the course
  • Students must be at least 15 ½ years of age at the start of class
  • In order to register for the course, students need to provide: Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Transcript from current school, or (home school only; letter from the State of Delaware stating authorization of homeschool containing school code)
  • The course fee can be paid by cash, check, money order or debit/credit card
  • Students must meet the State of Delaware physical and mental qualifications for a driver’s license
  • The consent of a parent or guardian is required for enrollment
  • If the instructor feels the student needs additional practice to become a satisfactory driver, the student will be issued a white permit application, and must take a retest with the instructor within 120 days of receiving the white slip
  • Students must earn a 70% or higher classroom average (Final Grade)
  • Students must earn a passing grade of 70% or higher on all three State of Delaware Assessments:
    • Highway Signs and Signals
    • Rules of the Road
    • Final Exam
  • Students must complete the State of Delaware required Driver Education Project
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in all areas of driver education instruction: classroom and in car training (first offense; contact home and verbal warning, second offense; contact home and moved to bottom of the driving order; third offense, contact home and failure of driver education).
  1. Be present for the minimum 30 hours of classroom instruction
  2. Achieve a passing average for their final grade (including all class work, homework, tests, projects, and quizzes) of 70% or higher
  3. Successfully complete a State of Delaware required project
  4. Obtain the required number of credits for academic eligibility
  5. Pass a road test with their in-car instructor
  6. Demonstrate a degree of responsibility and maturity to safely interact with other highway users to their instructor

Parents and guardians are reminded of their legal and financial responsibilities when a minor is driving a vehicle. Caution should be exercised in granting driving privileges even after the student is issued a driver’s license.

Behind The Wheel Instruction

After the student satisfactorily completes the 30 hours of classroom instruction, they will begin the “behind the wheel” portion of driver education. Completion of the classroom portion of driver education does not guarantee successful completion of the driving portion of driver education. Safety is the sole and primary responsibility of the in-car instructor.

If at any point the instructor feels that a student is not mature, responsible, or skilled enough to safely interact with other highway users the instructor can and will end behind the wheel instruction for a student. If a student is unable to successfully complete both the classroom and in-car instruction, they will fail driver education.

Driving schedules are made by the in-car instructor. Students will be contacted and scheduled based on age (oldest to youngest). Behind the wheel lessons begin and end at Polytech. Students need to be dropped off and picked up at Polytech for their driving lessons. Please share your contact information with your in-car instructor. Any questions about the driving order or scheduling that cannot be answered by the instructor can be directed to driver education coordinator, Mr. Scott Vaillancourt at 302-697-4545 extension 8107.

Blue Certificates

“Blue certificates” signify that a student has successfully completed the Driver Education program.  Both the classroom and in-car requirements have been met and the in-car instructor feels the student is mature, responsible and skilled enough to continue developing as a driver under the supervision of their parent/guardian.  It does not mean that the student is an expert driver.  Caution must be used when granting driving privileges to minors.

During the Driver Education course your teenager has completed thirty hours of classroom instruction.  Your teenager has also been given 14 hours of driving instruction (seven hours of driving and seven hours of observation).  Particular emphasis has been placed on the skills needed to drive safely and courteously. 

With the limited driving your teenager has done, please understand that they have not yet mastered the skills and knowledge to be considered an experienced driver.  Upon going to the DMV with the “blue certificate”, your teen will be issued their Graduated Driver’s License.  It is crucial for you to take an active interest in this important phase of your teen’s driving experience.  It is imperative that you offer guidance during the first six months of their GDL program.  It is also important that you exercise caution in granting your teen driving privileges during the second six months of their Graduated Driver’s License program. 

Your teenager will now, hopefully develop into a safe, courteous, and pro-active driver with your cooperation and guidance.

IT’S THE LAW…Parents/Guardians must drive with their child and complete 50 hours of driving time (including 10 hours at night) during the first 6 months of the Graduated Driver’s License.

The Graduated Driver License

The Graduated Driver Licensing program (GDL) is designed to give young drivers a substantial amount of practical driving experience under the safest possible conditions.  It will motivate young drivers to drive responsibly, enabling them to “graduate” to the next level.

Driving is a learned skill and is better taught in stages where the degree of difficulty increases as the person gains skill and confidence.

A mature driving attitude is also a key to safe driving.  The GDL program gives a novice driver time to understand the frustrations of the road and how to handle them calmly and safely.

The GDL is a 12-month program broken down into two stages, both lasting six months.  When the GDL is completed, the Graduated Driver License will become a Class D License, with no restrictions.

In order to receive a GDL, you must be at least 16 years of age, but cannot be 18 (unless the student has an active IEP).  You must take your blue certificate (proof you passed driver education) to the DMV.  Along with the blue certificate you must also provide the student’s birth certificate, social security card and two proofs of address that match the address printed on the blue certificate.


First 6 Months:


  • Must have GDL permit in your possession while driving
  • Mandatory supervision during driving by an adult licensed driver above the age of 25 who has held a Class D license for at least 5 years
  • Driving supervisor must be seated in the front passenger seat when it is being operated by the GDL driver
  • Only 1 non-family member is allowed in the vehicle while the GDL driver is operating the vehicle
  • GDL driver must complete 50 hours of supervised driving


Second 6 Months:


  • Must have GDL permit in your possession while driving
  • Unsupervised driving is allowed between 6AM and 10PM
  • Only 1 passenger is allowed during unsupervised driving
  • Mandatory supervision after 10PM unless GDL driver is coming from a school, work or religious function