HVAC & Plumbing Maintenance

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About HVAC & Plumbing Maintenance

The Polytech HVAC and Plumbing Maintenance
program prepares students to work in residential
and light commercial construction. Students are
given the knowledge and skills required to enter this
rapidly advancing field and provided with an option
to continue their training in either HVAC or
plumbing upon completion and receive credit for
completion of one year of Apprenticeship Related
Training Instruction.


Instructional areas include Safety/OSHA,
Construction Math, Tools, Material Handling,
Preventative Maintenance, HVAC Careers, Basic
Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Air Distribution,
Copper, Plastic, and Carbon Steel Piping, Soldering
and Brazing, Plumbing Careers, Plumbing Drawings,
Fittings, Fixtures, Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV)
Systems, Water Distribution, and Soft Skills.

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