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The Networking Technician program a hybrid registered apprenticeship that includes four semesters of related technical instruction (RTI) and a minimum of 2,000 hours of on-the-job learning (OJL). The program provides participants with the knowledge and technical skills required for a successful career as a network technician. Students are prepared to complete two industry-recognized certifications – CompTIA Network+ and Cisco CCNA – and will earn a nationally recognized journeyperson credential after satisfying the RTI and OJL requirements. Successful completion of the Computer Support Specialist program or possession of a CompTIA A+ certification is required for enrollment in this program. 


Networking Essentials – 72 hours

Intro to Networking – Cisco CCNA I

Switching, Routing, & Wireless Essentials – Cisco CCNA II

Enterprise Networking, Security,  Automation – Cisco CCNA III

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