Student Links

Teachers are reaching out via email, text, and phone calls. Phone numbers could come in as a blocked or unavailable number. If you have a new phone number, e-mail address, or have not heard from your instructor, please send us your information using the Contact Us box on our home page. We will forward your contact information to your instructor. Below are useful links for remote learning:


Schoology – Schoology is an online platform that allows us to bring everyone together—students, teachers —with one communication and collaboration platform. Schoology is available via computer or mobile device. If you do not already have an account, please use the link below to access the Schoology website and set up your free account. Once you have your account established, please contact your instructor for the course access code.

Link to Schoology

 Zoom – Zoom is a unified communication platform, allowing students and teachers access via video webinars, conferences, chat, and audio features. Please use the link below to access the Zoom website and download the app to your device. Your instructor will send meeting invitations or a meeting ID for access to online video conferences.

Link to Zoom

Delaware Health and Social Services Workshops The Wonder Works Program offers workshops to prepare you for employment and help you succeed. 

Link to DHSS Workshops