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Cybersecurity Technician

Cybersecurity Technician

Cybersecurity Technician is a competency based registered apprenticeship program that includes 144-hours of related technical instruction (RTI) delivered over one semester and 2,000-hours of on-the-job learning (OJL). The program provides participants with the knowledge and technical skills required to protect computer networks and information. Students are prepared to complete a CompTIA Security+ certification and earn a nationally recognized journeyperson credential after completing the RTI and OJL requirements.


CompTIA A+, 12-months of professional IT experience, and/or completion of Computer Support Specialist

Required Courses
Cybersecurity Technician

The Cybersecurity Technician program introduces participants to foundational security knowledge and cyber practices. Instruction focuses on practical problem-solving skills, required to assess the security of an organization, and the implementation of appropriate solutions. Topics covered include monitoring and securing hybrid environments, understanding applicable laws and policies, and identifying, analyzing, and responding to security events. Students are prepared to complete the CompTIA Security+ certification at the end of the course. Lessons are delivered via a hybrid model over 12-weeks, including a combination of in-person and remote learning. Prerequisite: completion of Computer Support Specialist program, possession of CompTIA A+ certification, or 12-months of professional IT-related experience.

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Tuition Cost:
Required Materials:
  • Books, registration & certification fee: $150
Courtney Brown
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