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Career Training for English Language Learners (ELiNC)

Career Training for English Language Learners (ELiNC)

The ELiNC program at POLYTECH Adult Education prepares adult English language learners (ELLs) for employment in growing job fields. POLYTECH Adult Education offers a full range of workforce programs for students at various levels and in different industries. There are multiple entry points into the different career areas we offer, with options designed to best meet the needs of individual learners. POLYTECH is offers ELiNC programs that provide ELLs with entry-level career opportunities in: Supervision & Training, Maintenance, Health Careers, Construction, and Logistics. Scholarships are available to qualified applicants.

Required Courses
Building Construction Core (ELL)

Building Construction Core for English Language Learners prepares students to work in the building construction industry in areas such as HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Civil Construction, while providing English language instruction and support. This is the first step toward a career in the construction trades and is recognized as meeting the requirement for the first semester of year one for each of the building construction related apprenticeship programs. Grant funding is available to qualified applicants.

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Home Health Aide (ELL)

The Home Health Aide program is designed for English Language Learners interested in starting a career in the healthcare field. The program consists of 150 hours of integrated classroom/lab training and adult literacy instruction. Graduates of the program are prepared for employment as Home Health Care Aides and/or to continue in further healthcare education.

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Maintenance Fundamentals (ELL)

This course provides the fundamental skills and competencies required to be a Maintenance Mechanic. Topics covered include safety, shop/technical math, measurement, tools, test equipment, blueprints, drawings, schematics, basic machines and systems, and maintenance data systems. Completion of this course or equivalent experience is required for enrollment in the Automotive, Diesel, Industrial Maintenance, Heavy Equipment, Aviation Maintenance, and Industrial Machine Systems apprenticeship programs. Maintenance Fundamentals (ELL) covers the same content as Maintenance Fundamentals but includes additional instruction specifically for English Language Learners.

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Supervision & Leadership Development (ELL)

This program prepares English Language Learners to advance into positions of greater responsibility. The program provides the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective leader in the workplace and covers the core competencies that are essential to the effective management of an organization or operation. Areas covered include computer skills, leadership, workplace communication, human resources, management, and operations.

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Program Details
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Mary Wilt
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